Side by Side: America and World War I

29th March – 28th October 2018

Side by Side: America and World War I, will uncover the relationship between the US, and Europe, as well as reflecting on those who went into battle, and those who stayed at home.

This immersive exhibition will explore life back home, recruitment, training, a Red Cross hospital, and a reconstructed Renault FT tank used by the Americans on the Western Front.

Your journey will introduce you to some of those who served on the home front, and to those who saw active service, including Ernest Hemingway, President Woodrow Wilson, journalist Alice Rohe Gertrude, Red Cross worker Charlotte Bannon and one of the 16 million animals who served.

Modern photographs, taken by Brett Killington, of the graffiti made by US soldiers in their training caves in France, will also compliment items from the Museum’s collection, as well as loans from other museums, and private lenders.