Dutch Masters: Flower Arranging Workshop

 30th May 2018

Create your own Dutch-inspired floral arrangement in this workshop led by Rachel Wardley, founder of the Bath-based Talullah Rose Flower School. Beginning with a guided tour of the exhibition, Prized Possessions: Dutch Masterpieces from the National Trust, Rachel will demonstrate her flower arranging, as inspired by the still-lives of the Dutch Masters, and using only Somerset-grown flowers.

Rachel will teach you about the flowers that have been chosen for your arrangement and show you how to condition the flowers to ensure you get the most out of them, bringing you joy for days to follow. After choosing from a selection of flowers to design your own Dutch floral masterpiece, you will be taught historic arranging techniques using florist’s pin cushions and wire, and given the opportunity to photograph your final piece as if in a Golden Age painting.

Your masterpiece will be yours to take home and ‘show off’ at the end of the day.