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14 Pulteney Rd (South) BA2 4HA Bath, Somerset
Phone: (122) 546-0991
Jane Austen Ball

7th July 2018


Our Ball is a costumed event and all ladies and gentlemen dress in the style of the Regency or 18th Century period. The look is the Empire line, with a high waist just below the bust, very flattering and feels wonderful to wear. This is a terrific opportunity to go to town and wear a ball gown or breeches, plus all the accessories which look fantastic. Ideas for costumes can be found on our website under Other Information and Costume 101 where you will find links to suppliers and rental companies. Bath Theatrical Costume Hire in Frome, Somerset, 01373 472786 are particularly helpful.

Regency dancing is elegant and refined and even though some of the same steps can be found in a Barn Dance it is far less boisterous; after all we are ladies and gentlemen of quality not of the lesser sort! However, it is energetic and can be tough on the calf muscles but you do not have to dance every dance! There is no need to bring a partner of the opposite sex or indeed a partner at all, as you will be made most welcome even if you come on your own. We usually find that there are more ladies then men, the same was true in Jane Austen’s day, so there will be times when ladies dance with ladies and it does not matter a bit.