24th March – 3rd September 2018

Stunning scenes, showcasing habitats and predators from across the globe, will transport you to faraway places and have you discovering just what it takes to be an top predator in the wild.

Marvel as the mighty African lion tries to steal a kill from a pack of hyenas, dodge the venom of a giant black and white spitting cobra as he demonstrates his most lethal adaptation and avoid the lure of the otherworldly anglerfish. ‘Predators’ will have you looking at some of the world’s most well-known ‘killers’ in a whole new light.

This fascinating new, exhibition will include an impressive range of species from modern day predators to those who walked the planet thousands, and in some cases, millions of years ago!

So muster your courage, keep your eyes peeled – you’re an explorer now and until September Longleat is a place where, lions scavenge, Venus flytraps snap, crocodiles bask and predators prowl.