T-Rex: The Killer Question

24th May – 3rd Sep 2018

As part of our celebration of the wonderful and weird world of predators, we’re inviting you to get up close and personal with the most famous prehistoric carnivore of them all. On the 24th May, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex is coming to Longleat!

Unravel an ancient mystery, millions of years in the making and tackle a curious conundrum; was the fearsome T. rex perfectly adapted for the hunt or better suited to scavenging a kill?

T.rex: The Killer Question (all the way from the world famous Natural History Museum), is a prehistoric installation of epic proportions; eight animatronic dinosaur models and static scenes will take you on a journey of discovery  – all under one roof.

An Edmontosaurus mother with her nest of duck-billed hatchlings, an armoured ankylosaur being preyed upon, and a towering T. rex skeleton cast all feature in this astonishing exhibition.

Get hands on with fossil replicas and artefacts and square up to a life-size T. rex – who, if alive today, would weigh around seven tons and whose jaws would crush the sturdiest of bones with ease.

Visit The Longhouse and decide for yourself if the king of the dinosaurs deserves the formidable title of predator, or whether it was a sneaky scavenger instead.