The Child Who Said No

26th May 2018

Thereby Hangs A Tale presents two astonishing stories of the Spanish colonisation of the Americas, performed with live music accompaniment. Malinche, by Haniel Long (1939) – The Oluta Indian, interpreter and lover of Hernan Cortes, tells her story with insights into the exploitation of women that resonates today. The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca by Haniel Long (1936) – Set in the America’s at the time of the conquistadors, this is a tale of what men can and cannot do when they must do something or die. “A bright spot in the history of man” Henry Miller.

Bath-based Gavin Irvine performing with Thereby Hangs A Tale is very excited to be playing his double-bass in the Bath Fringe. ‘For my mid-life crisis, instead of a sports car, I bought a double-bass‘ says Gavin. He had initially been asked to record sound effects for the show but then he was persuaded to create sounds and perform them using the double-bass instead.